ae Vintage store is an online boutique containing vintage clothing finds ranging from 1950 to 2000. We were the first such online boutique ever existed in Poland, and continue until this day since 2006. We are vintage experts who specialize in creative interpretation of contemporary fashion trends.

Every day we are inspired by the latest trends, fashion shows, magazines and fashion websites. Clothing and accessories found on our website are carefully selected items. They are often brand designers, genuine hand-made pieces, works of craftsman often made from everlasting premium fabrics.

In 2009, we took part in the innovative Fashion'er zone, during the Open'er Heineken Festival in Poland, Gdynia. In 2011, we received "The Best Polish Vintage Boutique" award granted by fan votes and the jury of Warsaw Fashion Street.

We are also a service dedicated to vintage fashion enthusiasts. Our BLOG presents themes and silhouettes inspired by current trends. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.